Invisible Lingual Braces and Oral Hygiene

Man has always desired to look smart and graceful yet orthodontic issues like imperfect positioning of teeth and jaws impact speech, smile and self esteem of many individuals.

Orthodontic Treatment

An orthodontist helps in remodeling the crowded or crooked teeth and correcting the alignment of jaws.

Orthodontists recommend use of braces to straighten crooked or crowded teeth, to correct a misaligned bite and correct bites that are too narrow.

In order to maintain aesthetic appeal, convenience and oral hygiene, orthodontists use Invisible braces which are peoples’ preferred choice nowadays. Among invisible braces, lingual braces i.e.  Inside braces, being hidden from direct view and economical are quite popular.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are almost similar to traditional metal braces without wires and brackets and are placed on the inside of teeth. That is why these are also termed as hidden or invisible braces.

For lingual braces, the hardware used for straightening teeth is same as traditional outside braces made up of metal.

Using scanned images of palatal and lingual surfaces of teeth, customized computer designed brackets are attached to the inside of upper and lower teeth.

Advantages of Lingual braces

The foremost advantage of lingual braces is that these braces, being behind teeth, remain virtually invisible unless someone closely watches you speak.

Another advantage over other invisible braces is that lingual braces remain on your teeth at all times. Since, these are not removable, chances of losing them are not there.

Unlike clear invisible braces, you are not required to remove those to brush, eat or during sports and while playing musical instruments etc.

Lingual braces are always working round the clock and thus eliminate the need to get those replaced after every two weeks like in case of clear invisible braces.

Oral hygiene and care required for Invisible braces

Invisible braces of all types, such as Ceramic, Lingual or Clear aligner need proper oral care to guard against gingivitis and dental decay.

While cleaning the buccal cavity, brushing and flossing after every meal is important, rinsing with good quality mouthwash protects and strengthens teeth and maintains good hygiene for invisible braces as well.

The clear aligners or invisible braces are removable and must be removed while eating, brushing, flossing or performing oral hygiene procedures.

With invisible braces, one should avoid taking extra hot and staining beverages and foods. Women wearing invisible braces must avoid use of lipsticks which can stain the braces.

We at Cashion Dental use latest technologies pertaining to invisible braces to achieve excellent results. We straighten teeth and realign jaws to resolve speech, chewing and biting issues and let our orthodontic patients feel confident and look attractive.

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