Hormone Replacement Therapy- A Paradigm Shift

Hormones are the secretions produced and released from ductless glands known as endocrine glands.  These glands pour their secretions i.e. hormones directly into blood stream and carried to the target organs.

Acting as a catalyst, hormones stimulate and regulate metabolic processes, control growth & development, sexual activities, reproduction and immune system of body.

Effects of Aging Process on Human Body

With increasing age, capacity to produce enough amounts of hormones diminishes in every individual.

Lack or inadequate hormones levels result in gradual decline in normal functioning of body organs, reduction in strength and vitality besides deterioration in general health takes place.

If decline in hormone levels is due to aging which is inevitable, medical fraternity started thinking on lines of hormone replacement therapy. Accordingly, continuous research resulted in successful synthesis of Bioidentical hormone.

What is Bioidentical hormone?

Bioidentical hormone is a manmade hormone which is synthesized from chemical extracted from plant containing estrogen i.e. phytoestrogen like yams and soy.

The chemical and molecular structure of bioidentical hormone is exactly identical to the hormone produced by human body.

Effects of decline in hormones and hormonal imbalance

As we grow old, imbalance or decline in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels lead to menopause in females and andropause in males.

Especially at peri or post menopause stage among women, lot of changes in body and behavior like mood swing, irritability, anger, fatigue, hot flushes, memory loss, foggy brain & thinking, vaginal dryness and infertility take place.

With menopause, women are prone to osteoporosis, loss of muscle tone and wrinkling of skin.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Replacing diminishing body’s own hormone with bioidentical hormone is catching up fast and getting acceptance from medical fraternity. The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has proved to be a boon for treating patients who are struggling to lead better quality of life.

Beneficial effects of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Supplementation of bioidentical hormone to replace body’s own estrogen hormone produces several beneficial effects in women experiencing menopause syndrome.

These benefits include improvement in mood and energy levels, reduction in hot flushes, improvement in memory and ability to concentrate besides improving sex drive and dryness of vagina.

Risks of osteoporosis or heart disease are also reduced when bioidentical hormone is supplemented as a part of hormone replacement therapy.

Safety with Bioidentical hormone

So far, the research conducted on bioidentical hormone therapy with estrogen, progesterone and testosterone has been found to be safe.

Treatment with bioidentical hormone has also shown positive results on osteoporosis and prostate cancer. Certainly, bioidentical hormone therapy is going to prove a game changer in improving quality of life in times to come.

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