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Subject of Agricultural Forestry Economics and Management at College of Economics and Management of NJAU Ranked No. 1 in the Fourth Round of National Appraisal

November 1, 2018

 On December 28, China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Centre of Ministry of Education announced the results of the fourth round disciplinary appraisal. The subject of Agricultural Forestry Economics and Management at College of Economics and Management of Nanjing Agricultural University was ranked No. 1 in China.

The fourth round disciplinary appraisal was conducted among the 95 top-level disciplines in 2016. 7,449 disciplines of 512 institutions were involved, among which 22 out of the 24 colleges and universities authorized with Ph.D degree in Agricultural Forestry Economics and Management as well as some universities authorized with Master Degree participated in the appraisal, which summed up to 39 higher educational institutions. This appraisal was a comprehensive examination of the national disciplinary construction and development by the Ministry of Education. It also carried out reform and innovation in the index system and appraisal methods, set up the Chinese standard and Chinese mode in the system, giving top priority to talent cultivation and taking the measure of appraisal binding.

 Ever since the initiation of the fourth round disciplinary appraisal, our college had been united to ensure the effective progress in the work. The construction and development of the subject of Agricultural Economics is the crystallization of the mutual efforts from the faculty and students as well as from the support of our alumni. We can never go this far without the concerns and instructions from leaders of our university, functional departments, and fellow colleges, as well as the consistent support and help from fellow universities home and abroad. We will stay true to our original anticipation, move forward, and strive for more glory with our nationwide peers.

 Also is reported that the subject of Agricultural Forestry Economics and Management of our college was ranked No. 1 in the “Best Chinese Subjects Ranking” published by Shanghai Ranking. The index system of the “Best Chinese Subjects Ranking” consists of over 30 indexes in-built in the disciplinary developmental level live surveillance system developed by Shanghai Ranking, dividing into five index categories including high-level talents, research programs, achievements and awards, academic papers, and talent cultivation. Shanghai Ranking is renowned for the objectivity and steadiness of its ranking system, and its “Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)”, as one of the most influential and authoritative international rankings, sets a referential standard for the strategy and policy making in many governments and universities around the world.